Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birthday Boy

Ivan turned 10 this weekend.  His list of wishes included...
Legos,  Halo Mega Blocks, an airsoft gun, and video games.
Some wishes have changed, but many have stayed the same through the years.
Lego building has been happening for the past 7 years, but now the boy is much more involved.
In years past there have been loads of kidos at his parties(boy and girls), now it is strictly boys, and boy fun!

A Birthday wish this year was a trip to Barbaritos....
which is basically a burrito joint set up like a subway.
Bob hates it; I can tolerate it. Ivan thinks it's the best restaurant ever.

A trip to the local state park for an air soft war, then off to the community pool for cooling off.
Lastly, they returned home for some ice cream cake.

They are a fierce bunch!  A good time was had by all!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a cabinet redo

Well, our LG microwave popped it's last bag of popcorn; 
and my husband happily(he is not a fan of LG) dropped kicked it to the curb this morning.
Which left me with the loveliness pictured below...
a lovely vent hole which shone the light of day.

I had nothing in the cabinets, so it was pretty much a waste of space.

Bob patched the gaping open hole, in which bugs could have entered.

We removed the doors, and I wallpapered the back
 with some fabulous grasscloth wall-covering that I scored at a yard sale for $2.00.

It looks fabulous...even in this blurry photo!
Lots of room now for a new microwave and other stuff!

Yay, some new stuff!

Out came my collection of metal capped mason jars....
My few, but special cook books.

My pyrex, and Blue Heaven bowls!!!!

Changed my mind and put out the pyrex refrigerator set instead.

Oh my! I love it.
 I even had room for a basket of cooking necessities.

Unfortunately, there is no room for the new microwave.
It's a price I must pay for some fabulous looking shelves,  full of vintage goods.

I found these beauties today at a little antique shop about a half hour from the house.
I love the vintage can($6.00), the patina is perfect.
The hand chopper($15.00) is great, I love the color of the handle.

This is my favorite...a little mixer ($25.00)from the 40's.
I would never have spent that much but it is in perfect condition.

vintage canister($3.00)

I also found this great bird planter($6.00),
it looks great on my kitchen window sill.

... and goes great with my asian toothpick man.
and my duck planter......I love them all together.
 Overall,  a great Thursday!