Wednesday, December 21, 2011

catching up....

There has been a bit of a rush in my days this past week.
Having to ship all the Christmas gifts north, and in a timely manor, can be a bit hectic!
I think more than one package will arrive just in time for Boxing Day.
Boxing Day, London 1927
Which isn't all bad, everyone likes a good Boxing Day gift....maybe some gloves?

Last weekend, we went to dinner at a strip mall Chinese food place.  Sounds yummy, huh?
It was YUMMY!  This has to be the nicest Chinese food place I have even been too.
The decor was lovely;  beautiful lighting, wall treatments, and art.  Seriously!
The food was very good as well!

lovely decor
Orange chicken

Bob's pepper chicken
We will definitely dine at Jade's Bistro again.

Bob has a new ride!  Nice huh! It's a Honda S2000.
Bob says that it will be a collectable one day.
He wasn't going to get it because it isn't practical.
I told him he should definitely get it, and we would be practical in the CRV.

Ivan has been into skateboarding lately....loads of it.
"Mama, come watch this trick".
The word of the day is EPIC!

He also has been golfing with "the papa"
The child has a knack for fashion!

An unexpected package arrived in the mail. I love packages!!!!
It was from my lovely Beach Bosom friend Karen....She's such a HOOT!
Thanks Karen!!!!!!!
I do love me some owls!
Also, I have been busy making up some merriment.
The house is decorated, and the presents for the most part are wrapped.
My family has been asking for some of these! Can you just taste them???

the frosting is so light;  the cake not to sweet!
I even made some peppermint ones!
Here's the recipe!
Whoopie Pies!!!!!!!

4 cups flour, sifted 
2 teaspoons salt 
2 teaspoons baking soda 
1 cup cocoa 
2 cups sugar 
1 cup hot water 
1/2 cup butter 
1/2 cup shortening 
1 cup sour milk 
2 large eggs 
1 teaspoon vanilla

6 tablespoons marshmallow cream 
4 tablespoons vanilla ( this is not a typo) 
4 tablespoons flour 
4 tablespoons milk 
4 cups confectioners' sugar 
1 1/2 cups shortening

1. Shell: Mix together shortening, butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla. 
2. Sift together dry ingredients and set aside. Add milk, cocoa and hot water. 
Then add the dry
3. Scoop large rounded spoonfuls of batter onto a greased cookie sheet and space at least 2-inches apart.
4. Bake at 350° for 10 minutes.
5. Frosting:  Beat all ingredients well.

I will leave you all with a few happy photos....

Monday, December 12, 2011

my current anthropologie love!

angora knit bracelet

sand dollar scarf!

so pretty

crazy cute!

amazing colors!
to die for bedding

so fun.

year round!

love her other book.

paper mats...I would decoupage these on my ceiling!

love macarons!

love these plates!!!!!!


terrific tags!

Friday, December 9, 2011

hot tea...

Ivan had a school project, which was to learn everything about an English Christmas.
Providing an English snack was part of the project.
Hands down setting fire to a figgy pudding was tops on the list!
That would be EPIC!
Setting fire to the pudding is an English custom used to scare away evil spirits.
It was also a way to keep the firemen busy!
No matter how you garnish it,  it is still a mussy, fruity, sticky glob.
I seriously doubted that any of the kids would eat it.

Ivan and I settled for a nice English toffee, and a peppermint tea.

English toffee is incredibly easy to make.  This is the recipe I used.
Here are a few hints...
1. line the cookie sheet with wax paper
2. stir the butter and sugar constantly!
3. be patient, do not remove mixture from heat until you get that true toffee  color!

The rest is pretty easy!

The kiddos seamed to like the toffee, the tea was a different story.
lots and lots and lots of sugar!
Ivan supervising
excuse me ma'am, but this tea is hot!
FYI southerns drink their tea iced!
I did bring in graham crackers (which the kiddos called Honey Maids),
they ate the entire box.
This is Ivan's best-ie.

The house is starting to come together nicely. It is starting to feel like a home. I have just finished painting the kitchen and dining area a lovely ivory color.  I do love it! It is very different than the bright colors I generally use!
a little preview...the area was pretty messy to photograph the entire space.
The living room is just about finished.
I am still moving pictures and other decor's a process!

I need a tree skirt!
a reading elf!
peace out!

Friday, December 2, 2011

deck the halls....

with no-boughs of holly...and no real greens.
I would be all set, if I wanted to deck my halls with palm fronds.
Florida decorating is much different than Maine decorating.
Generally, my main Christmas decor is evergreen branches and berries....lots of them!
They are free and plentiful in Maine, but pretty much non-existant in Florida.

Here are some beginning shots of my seasonal decor...
To start things off,  I broke out my new Marimekko  table cloth!

I love this table cloth!
The candle holder is from a new local store that just opened.
I bought it on small business Saturday (you have to do your part)!


the birds are from last years after-Christmas clearance sales.
The reindeer candelabra is from Goodwill $7.00

shrooms and gnome from World Market, my new favorite store!

These are from World market as well. I love the colors and graphics.

rustic Christmas

vintage Christmas

I love vintage santas!!!!!!!

vintage elves, and carolers 

reindeers rock!

I made this light, based on a very expensive one I saw in a catalog.
Total price $5.99 for light kit(on clearance at pier one),
drum shade $3.00 at yard sale!!!!!!! Yes!
capiz shells from wind-chime $16.00.  Fabulous!

I loved the table cloth so much I took it off the table.
 I have a kid, and a Bob.....
There is no way it would have stayed white for long!

still pretty though!