Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making Lemon Salt Scrub!

huge bounty of lemons


5 jars

tagged and ready for the shop

 The boy

hanging with Sophie!


Ivan loves Ollie!

Ivan in his morph suit

around the island

pelicans, my favorite!

Ollie loves the beach


 In the shop

Bob built me a great closet for my little shop!


lovely art by my friend Star.

stenciled burlap bags



um...what about us!


Sophie bustin' a move.


my friend Shane dug this up. I think it's 1994.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


This past week three of my besties flew down from Maine, and New Hampshire for a fabulous girls weekend in Savannah!!!! Yay!!! What a GREAT city. There was a lot to do and see.
We ate ice cream at a very old and famous ice cream parlor named Leopolds.
We also ate here....
Lady and Sons, the food tasted amazing(the aftermath was not pretty).

we ate here.....Papilotte. I wish we had gone back a second time

Papilotte - it was so delicious!

We did lots of most favorite store was a place called "The Paris Market".
Oh my! It's everything a shop should be! It was brimming with curiosities from around the world.

We took a "Walking Zombies" tour that was super fun, (even though my friend D was "touched" by the hag!)


There were loads of historic buildings, statues,  parks, etc. A history buffs dream!

People in Savannah are true Halloween lovers....after all they live in the nation's most haunted city!
I love a woman who color coordinates with her surroundings!

The Waving Girl

good to know!
Despite all the shopping, many of the stores were very tourist-y, and pretty much all had the same merchandise. I did find a few things at The Paris Market, and a few antique shops.

love this bag from here

We had a ball....and I had some great quality time with my Maine Goddesses!