Monday, October 31, 2011

a little business adventure

There is a fun and funky place in downtown Fernandina called Trailer Park Collectables.

There is a fun and funky lady who works there.....her name is Suellen.
She greeted me with a big smile, and a Hey, Suggaarr. How you doin'?
Of course, I instantly liked her. She is my first Amelia Island friend.
She calls me sugar...I think I am going to call her cupcake.
We are teaming up in her space....I'm doing smalls, she is doing painted furniture.
Our space needs a little work....but, we have plans. Yes, indeed!

There are different vendors through out, with lots of different goods.

I really like the mirror above, and the glasses below!
I have already sold 2 things!!!! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

thrift-ing and sale-ing

Amelia Island is an island of not noses, but stuff, especially vintage stuff....which is my passion.  All to often I am disappointed by the thrift stores down here.  I come home empty handed; I'm sad, Bob's glad.  I tried my luck this weekend with some yard sale-ing, and did pretty well. Most of the items are for my space in the antique shop, others will adorn my house.

creepy spider/web necklace $1.00, lovely vintage bracelet $1.00 - yard sale

vintage bracelet - heading to shop

awesome vintage perfume set $3.00 - yard sale

I love the cool. Heading to shop....I think.

I love the drawings!

sweet little pot $2.00 - yard sale....keeping this!

made in England tea canister $1.00

2 plant pots, made in Brazil $1.00 each - heading to shop

Vintage Mc Coy pot - $1.00 - I think it's going to the shop...I really kind of like it.

Murano glass paper weight - $1.00 - yard sale - shop

bag $2.00, owl $1.00 - yard sale - shop

ok....sooooo cool leather duffle!!!! $5.00, yes, $5.00 - yards sale.
I am soooo keeping this!!!!

Chair $10.00 - yard sale - keeping

lamp $10.00 - yard sale,  keeping...needs new shade.
Decorative pot Goodwill Jacksonville $2.00

Trunk for Ivan's legos $1.00 - yard sale
After sale-ing I went to the farmers market...met a man from Vermont, who was selling syrup.
We giggled about our Northern friends, and the October Nor-easter! Will be back tomorrow with some designing news! Woot!

Friday, October 28, 2011

a little of this...and that.

Lately I have been running around sooo much, and I am so busy that I forget to take photos of what I am doing. I did get a picture of the fish place on the pier.  However, I forgot to take a picture of the guy who works there. He was such a character!  I think I was so enamored with him that I just plum forgot to take his picture! I will remember next time!!!

I have been here many times!!!!! I bought two dressers here.

Island Bob on the porch roof raking off leaves.

trying to pull together a color scheme for the living area.

Ollie emulating the picture!
I promise to have much more exciting posts soon.
I am still trying to get it all together down here!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Bedroom

So many spaces in our new dwelling need some love.
A first priority is the master bedroom.
When we are laying in our bed this is what we see....
a bit too sweet for Bob's and my taste.

Furnishings are a must; the room is a bit sparse.
It hasn't been easy trying to find furniture on a 2 mile X 13 mile island, 
with only one furniture store(which is super expensive)!
our sparse bedroom

I had an idea about the bedroom from the get go.
I have recently had a thing for teal.
I am using the peacock image above as my color inspiration.

I really love these spaces...

I like the warmth of this space

I love the crisp cleanness of this space

I took a trip into Jacksonville to go to Pier One.
I bought this pillow for some inspiration.....
However,  I am still torn with whether or not I will go warm carmel color,
or a more cool scheme with linen and white. If I go with the latter the $40.00 pillow goes back.

I also found some neutral draperies that are linen and rafia,
 which would go great on a teal wall.

I also bought the bed which is picture below, on-line...YIKES!!!
I've never bought furniture on-line.
I hope that it turns out nice. I hope Island Bob can put it together!
I will post photos of the finished project soon! Over and out!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's been a good day!

Ivan had a great first day of school!

Bob found his" island" hat!

Ivan made a friend in the neighborhood!

Horseshoe crab!

interesting creatures....

boogie boarding with his new friend Cole

Island Bob

Happy Happy dog!

warm, warm water!


jelly fish...ick.

billy bob joe...the turtle.