Sunday, October 28, 2012


This past week three of my besties flew down from Maine, and New Hampshire for a fabulous girls weekend in Savannah!!!! Yay!!! What a GREAT city. There was a lot to do and see.
We ate ice cream at a very old and famous ice cream parlor named Leopolds.
We also ate here....
Lady and Sons, the food tasted amazing(the aftermath was not pretty).

we ate here.....Papilotte. I wish we had gone back a second time

Papilotte - it was so delicious!

We did lots of most favorite store was a place called "The Paris Market".
Oh my! It's everything a shop should be! It was brimming with curiosities from around the world.

We took a "Walking Zombies" tour that was super fun, (even though my friend D was "touched" by the hag!)


There were loads of historic buildings, statues,  parks, etc. A history buffs dream!

People in Savannah are true Halloween lovers....after all they live in the nation's most haunted city!
I love a woman who color coordinates with her surroundings!

The Waving Girl

good to know!
Despite all the shopping, many of the stores were very tourist-y, and pretty much all had the same merchandise. I did find a few things at The Paris Market, and a few antique shops.

love this bag from here

We had a ball....and I had some great quality time with my Maine Goddesses!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Holy Hudson!

I am a lucky thrift-er, ask my friends...they will tell you!
Over my many years of thrift-ing and yard sale-ing, I have found loads of treasures.
Treasures that I have longed for, and treasures I never knew I needed.
I have always wanted a Hudson Bay Blanket. 
Who would have thought I would have found it on a HOT, Hot, Hot Florida Island.
 It's pretty old, but it is in perfect shape. The yellow has faded quite a bit. I did some research on line, and would guess the blanket is from the 1920's-30's. $60.00 - Yay!!!!!

I also found this cute little bird book. 25 cents
Check out this amazing cookbook! Ever recipe sounds good....however, I have no idea where I will ever get ham hocks, pigs feet, frog legs, or rabbit! There are a few other ingredients I have never heard of. The book is loaded with great stories, and folklore. 25 cents
 I found various bottles and a great canister....$2.oo for the canister, the little bottles were free.
 I found this old cigar press....I have no idea what it's worth...I must do some research. $5.00
 fiesta ware cups....25 cents each.
Old manual typewriter. $4.00 (if only I have paid attention in typing class)(Hi Judi)!
 I got some very cool old whisk brooms. I love these! I see a new collection in the making.
The bottom left was hand made in Georgia, the right handmade in Florida. $6.50, and $1.00
The weaving and craftsmanship is amazing.
I did get other old marine lantern, a vintage tennis racket, cookbooks, frames.....etc.
Overall, it was a fabulous thrifty day!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

an October day at the beach

When you live on an island with 3 miles of beaches, more times than not you find yourself quite alone.
Just you, your family, the salt air, and sea.
 The water is still so warm; it is so welcoming compared to the frigid north temps.
I found this inflatable kayak at a yard sale.
(The dog got a hold of it, and it is now as flat as a pancake.)
We did manage to get one great day of fun out of it !
 Yup, that is me. Riding the waves.
Papa Z.
 Ivan had great fun tipping his papa over. I mean who wouldn't?

 It has been awhile since the ole' pigskin has been thrown around...
silly boys!

Ollie hands down had the most fun. He always does!