Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a visit from Charlotte

Excuse me Sir, may I have some of you oranges?
sure,  take a few

to know Charlotte is to understand this!

A trip to Tasty's

It was tasty, but it wasn't the best.  It was rather expensive.

Ivan liked it.
Bob and Charlotte liked it.

Charlotte rocked in our backyard.
loads of shade, very depressing space.

I got this rocking air plant at a nursery in Jacksonville
Bob laid a slate path...
while I hung our new West Elm drapes.
these are smelling amazing.
lovely afternoon light!
a bit too much time in the hot sun!

my contribution to the outdoor work....curly mint for my mojitos!

Off to Shucker's for 50 cent oysters!
it ain't fancy, but it's so good!
fried green tomatoes 
awesome oyster po-boys! the bread was divine!

Charlotte and I took a ride to American Beach
what an amazing place!
 Along the way we ran into this little home made chapel.  
Amazing stuff, in an unexpected place!

lovely Charlotte!

One of the reasons I Love Amelia Island so!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

painting tile...

is actually quite easy to do! I really didn't like the iridescent blue tile that was on the kitchen backsplash.  Yes, it is pretty tile, but for a pool.
when the sun hit the tile, it was crazy iridescent
basically you need some of this
(I bought it at Sherwin Williams)
after.....Taa Daa! I also put up a wooden shade;
I needed some natural materials  in the kitchen.
I know that some of you out there(is anyone out there?), will like the before better,
but, I really love the after!
The paint is from Sherwin William, it's called hearts of Palm.  
It is a vey light citrus green.

We had our first company!!!! Yay! We have friends!!!! They are the Riddel's.
They live in our neighborhood. Ivan, and their son Cole are in the 3rd grade.

Eating yummy ice cream sundaes...with cherries are:
Top: Ivan, then Cole, bottom is Camden.

 I taught an art class at Ivan's school today.  I taught the young-ins about Claude Monet.
They listened very well, and painted some great landscapes!
Overall it was a huge success, and I am a very "cool" mom. (snap fingers)

the girl in the upper left was so cute...
she kept chanting, "I love painting"', "I love painting".

I am constantly working on new items for the shop...here are a few.
scrabble tile art (quote idea from Becky, quote from this song)
lavender filled sleep pillows, a new hair clip, and decorative bottle


Saturday, January 14, 2012

the dining room

at last....it's done....for now.

The table is from Circle K Furniture, and the chairs are from various thrift shop

draperies and botanical prints were brought from Maine
the rug is from Overstock.com

the paint is Behr  - color: innocence

very simple....and pretty,  I think.