Monday, August 20, 2012

tearing off the doors

I love the results from this post, I decided to do some more!

Here is the before...
and now....... I used the same glass cloth from my last tear down.
 I get to display my "Blue Heaven" bowls. LOVE!
At first I was going to take down just the 2 doors, but then decided....
what the heck, take down 3.
I love it.  Bob was against the idea at first...
it was three less cabinet doors for him to leave open.
 I think he like it now, it's 3 less doors that he has to open to empty the dish washer!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

pink pyrex

I am remembering a few years back, seeing loads of pink pyrex at yard sales and flea markets.  I never bought any because pink wasn't my color.  I now hunt the stuff like a mad woman, not for me, but for a lovely friend.  It seems to be impossible to find, and when I do it is so crazy expensive.

I found a set of these the other day for a few dollars.  They look like they may have had color at one time, but basically they were just white.

I decided to try painting the white casserole dishes pink.
I used this product....( I used this on my glass tile backsplash, which came out great)
I just dabbed on a couple coats....
I also decided to try some on the glass of a frame that I wanted to turn into a blackboard.
I then used a basic $4.00 can of spray paint....called Ballet Slipper.  I sprayed 3 coats.
I also sprayed a clear coat.
They look fabulous!  I only wonder how they will do in an oven?
Maybe these should be non-oven casserole bowls!
I think I will put them in the oven, and see how they do before shipping them out!